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Bills Jerky is soft, tender, flavorful and delicious. The teriyaki flavor is my go to for a savory healthy snack. Thanks Bills Jerky!!!

Bill's Sweet and Spicy jerky is bold, flavorful and addicting. My new favorite beef jerky brand.

Angela B, CA

John T, AZ

This jerky is amazing! It is high in protein but low in calories. The range of flavors available are great and the bags come in handy snack sizes which are perfect for a snack at work, with a drink or even a trip to the park.

Sarah H, ID

This beef jerky has a nice sweet taste and then a tingle of heat creeps up at the end. Good amount of complexity between the two and the ratio of sweet and hot is spot on. This is ideal for snacking, having at parties or just to indulge and not sharing. Oh yeah!

Robert J, TX

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